Inspiration and Creation


Creative, theatrical, flirty, funky, playful, hip, mysterious. These are all words I would use to describe myself… and my hats. People are a flurry of contradictions and we want accessories to match our mood.

I'm a dancer, an artist, a storyteller and of course, I'm a New Yorker. I'm part of a lineage...a long line of artists who came to this city to create and inspire. With birdcage beanies I tried to imagine how an accessory could be both whimsical and "New York" all at the same time. I wanted the Sunday Style Section and Parisian chic all in one. 

Birdcage Beanies tell a story...each one as individual as your mood. From bold and theatrical to coy and demure. They are a wink to the past with the edginess of now. Downton Abbey meets Brooklyn Flea.

We can only go forward by remembering to look back. We decide what we bring with us on life's crazy journey. Most of the time we're lugging around our secrets and shadows, our fears and insecurities but they hold us back and slow us down in a city where we've got to keep moving.

I say Ditch the doubt and bring along something pretty.